5 players Seahawks could target before the trade deadline

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The Seahawks are 5-0 but need some fixes and here is how to do that via trades.

The Seahawks have solidified their Super Bowl contention thanks to the offensive production. However, they shouldn’t be satisfied. With the trade deadline around the corner, it’s time to see who is available.

The Seahawks have a championship-level offense and a decent defense. Sure, the defense is giving up a lot of points and yardage. However, a solid chunk of that is given up in garbage time because the opposing team is playing from behind.

Plus, there were a slew of injuries on the defense. As it is today, the Seahawks have the 2nd-highest graded rushing defense. 3rd-highest grade for tackling. 26th-best in terms of pass rush. Lastly, Seattle is 12th in coverage (which isn’t so bad but is an issue when it relates to the rest of the problems).

Not as bad as you thought, huh? PFF is not the end-all-be-all. However, it does offer an unbiased opinion on how the team has performed. As I said, a lot of the yardage was allowed due to teams having to try to keep up with the Seahawks championship-caliber offense.

With the deadline just 3 weeks away, it is time for Seattle’s executives to get to work. This article goes through 5 potential trades the Seahawks could make. All players have at least some likelihood of being dealt. Not every player will be at the most pressing position. However, they are all players the Seahawks will at least have some level of interest in.

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