Seahawks vs Rams turning point: the pick-six that wasn’t

The Seahawks fell again Sunday, and this loss goes on the offense. Russell Wilson was intercepted but wasn’t, and that told the story.

I know you know this, 12s, but that Seahawks game was not exactly enjoyable. For once the defense shows up, and the offense takes the day off. Not that allowing 23 points is great, but it is a touchdown less than they had been giving up. Up until Sunday, that was a guaranteed win for Russell Wilson and company, who had only failed to hang 30 on the opposition once. This time, Wilson simply couldn’t get it done. Nothing is more emblematic of that than a pick-six that never happened.

You watched the game, so you know the play I’m talking about. It happened in the first quarter, so I know you hadn’t turned it off in disgust yet. Here’s the situation if you need a reminder. The Seahawks got the ball with 2:24 to go in the first. After Alex Collins picks up a yard on first down -and by the way, he did alright for a castoff – DangeRuss tossed a short pass to David Moore. The only problem was, Rams corner Darious Williams picked it off and raced in for the 41-yard pick-six.

Luckily for the Seahawks, defensive end Leonard Floyd was called for offsides, and the penalty wiped out what would have been a 17-7 Rams lead. Floyd more than made amends later in the game, as he sacked Wilson twice in the third quarter, bookending an incomplete pass. He added a third sack late in the fourth. It didn’t cost the Hawks any yardage, but it did eat up time, which was critical to Seattle at that point. So Floyd came through, despite the early gaff. By the way, that was just one of six sacks on Wilson. Add in 12 hits, and you can see he had a very long day.

Russell Wilson’s struggles

I wish I could say the same for Russell Wilson. The pick-six that wasn’t was a sign of things to come, as he was picked off twice more. Unfortunately, those interceptions counted, and Williams made both of them. I hate to say I told you so, but – actually, I don’t hate saying that at all. I hate the fact I had to write it in the first place. We’ve known Number 3 wasn’t playing as well as he had at the season’s start for weeks now. I wrote earlier that he needed the bye to get his game back together. Sadly, it’s gotten much worse.

Is he injured? Well, his wheels certainly seem okay, considering he ran for 60 yards Sunday, second-highest for the season. His arm certainly looks strong enough as well; he’s still capable of overthrowing DK Metcalf, which is about the same as throwing the ball past the Flash.

I have to think that the absence of Chris Carson has completely destabilized the offense, and Wilson is trying to do it all. I commend him for the effort. We’ve all seen plenty of games where Russell Wilson did do it all. But it’s a team sport; everyone has to pick up the slack. The Seahawks will be the first to say that.