Seahawks new home is Lumen Field – step into the light, 12s

At first, it seems to be another bizarre tale of 2020. The Seahawks no longer call CenturyLink their home. To be accurate, it’s the same home, they just call it Lumen Field now.

Yes 12s, the Seahawks no longer play at CenturyLink Field. That is effective as of tonight’s tilt versus the Cardinals. How you’re going to find your way to the game is beyond – oh that’s right, we have a pandemic going on, so no one will be in attendance. Still, the players have to get there, and – ohhhhh. The stadium hasn’t changed; it’s just been renamed, to Lumen Field.

Okay, all kidding aside, this isn’t exactly the first time an NFL team has changed the name of their stadium. Seems like some teams change the stadium name as often as their underwear. I’m looking at you, Miami, with seven stadium names in 33 years. I mean, Land Shark lasted an entire year! Not that I’m bitter or anything, but everyone knows it’s Joe Robbie!

Okay, back to the team that matters. The Seahawks will indeed be playing at the venue you know and love. Just get used to calling it Lumen Field. In what has to be an exceedingly rare move, this isn’t a matter of the team selling out to a new high bidder. That’s how we wind up with horrific names like CMGI Field. Sounds like you’re going in for a painful medical procedure. Probably done with a Gilette.

The rebranding

CenturyLink actually secured the rights to the stadium name through 2033. The name change is a result of the company itself changing its name. Bob Condotta (The Seattle Times gift to the world) reports, CenturyLink has rebranded as Lumen Technologies. So the stadium name change is simply the natural outcome of the corporate renaming. It may be strange to change in the middle of the season – and it is – but the company changed names in September. And yes, the Sounders (of course) will be playing at Lumen Field, too.

So, 12s, it’s time to put all your CenturyLink memorabilia on eBay! Actually not – save it for a few years, when the value will skyrocket. As for me, I like the new name. CenturyLink definitely had stature and gravitas; I’m not knocking it at all. But Lumen Field…to me, it says the Seahawks have a very bright future.