Seahawks need to keep GM John Schneider no matter the cost

According to reports, at least one team will be trying to lure John Schneider away from the Seahawks this offseason.

The Seahawks have been a good team for more than a decade now. There are lots of reasons for this but two of the main reasons are general manager John Schneider and coach Pete Carroll. These two are the constant over an 11-year stretch that has seen the Seahawks make the playoffs nine times. Several reports on Sunday say the Detroit Lions will try to get Schneider to become their general manager beginning this offseason.

The Seahawks need to stop this from happening and extend John Schneider.

No GM in the NFL is perfect. But there is no argument that Schneider has helped turn the Seahawks into one of the most successful organizations in the league. Sure, it helps to have a good head coach and a great quarterback in Russell Wilson, but Schneider is the guy behind moves like drafting Wilson and trading for Jamal Adams.

And to be fair, 12s probably haven’t given as much respect to Schneider as they should have. Sometimes people do not see the success that is right in front of their faces. John Schneider and Pete Carroll have brought continued success to the Seahawks including the franchises’ only Super Bowl win in 2013. Maybe we have disagreed with a lot of the Seahawks draft picks over the most recent years but Schneider finds a way to keep the roster playoff-worthy.

And the 2020 draft appears to be a pretty good one. Schneider found a long-term starter at right guard with Damien Lewis, got a potentially very good pass rusher with Alton Robinson, a potentially very good and long-term starter at linebacker with Jordyn Brooks and that is just to name three.

This year, John Schneider traded for Jamal Adams and Carlos Dunlap in the kind of moves he appears to pull off every season.

The point is, John Schneider is a great general manager who keeps Seattle good and will continue to do so. If extending his contract at a higher rate keeps him from going to another team, then so be it. Schneider is worth it.