Top five free agents Seahawks should sign this offseason

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The Seattle Seahawks will need to make some roster changes this offseason, of course, and some of them could be major moves. Trading a veteran or three is not out of the question and might be needed to open cap space to fill out the roster, hopefully with some talent.

But which free agents should be signed to help the Seahawks get back to the playoffs in 2021? I have chosen five here, beginning with one of Seattle’s own.

Seahawks running back Chris Carson

I will start with one of Seattle’s own because I think running back Chris Carson has to be re-signed at this point. Maybe Seattle doesn’t need a lead back in what will presumably be their Rams-like new offense and lots of backs will get carries and be used in a myriad of ways. But then those backs must also be good.

Carson would be excellent in this new scheme. A big back with athleticism who can catch and break runs through the wider gaps of what will likely be Seattle’s new blocking scheme? Yes, that is Carson.

The Rams may have overused Todd Gurley to some degree but Gurley was great in 2017 and 2018 and part of Gurley’s injury issue dates back to college. If Carson can remain mostly healthy he would love to play under new offensive coordinator Shane Waldron. If Seattle can get Carson for around $8 million it would be money well spent, even if it means shedding a veteran player to do so.

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