How much Seahawks can save by restructuring/extending key players

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The Seahawks are up against the wall. Between the lack of money, draft capital, a plethora of free agents, and Russell Wilson putting the team on notice. The team has some major challenges awaiting them over the next few months.

I have heard many fans state that this is nothing new and to simply trust John and Pete because they have done this before. This simply is not accurate. They are accustomed to playing chess with the roster. Sure, they have had the short stick before with money before. Sure, they have had issues in the past with draft capital before. Sure, they have had a lot of free agents before.

What makes this unusual, it’s all 3 of these at the same time. A pandemic has forced the salary cap to shrink nearly $25 million in a year. The team went seemingly all in for a championship run this year and fell short. None of the key players hitting free agency seem keen on taking home-town discounts.

The article goes over how much the Seahawks can save by extending, cutting, restructuring, and trading their top 8 cap hits.

The last time the Seahawks had a limited draft chest, with some expensive free agents, we saw Frank Clark get dealt. It is because of this that I created the series going through what trades for several of our established veterans could net the Seahawks. This is the 6th article in the series. If you want to read the others click one of the links below.

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The next slide explains how restructuring and extending contracts work. After that, we will dive into how much the team can save by reworking the top 8 contracts.

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