Seahawks re-signing Alex Collins is a smart move

The Seattle Seahawks re-signed Alex Collins on Wednesday. This is a move that adds depth and talent to the running back room in 2021. Collins has been a bit of an enigma during his career, both productive and also somehow underperforming. At once a starter but also not really being given a long-term chance to start.

Some of this is likely Collins fault for an off-the-field issue as he was arrested following the 2018 season after a car crash where was found to have more than 10 grams of marijuana on his person as well as a handgun. The team Collins had been most recently playing for, the Baltimore Ravens, subsequently released him because of this.

It should be noted that while Collins broke the law and was punished for it, the reason he missed the 2019 season was that he got suspended and not because of an injury. This means that Collins has been healthy and will still be so in 2021.

Collins led the Ravens in rushing yards with 973 in 2017. He also averaged 4.6 yards a carry that year. This was one year after beginning his career with the Seahawks. Seattle released him after Collins wasn’t going to make the active roster in 2017. Collins appeared to have a bit of a fumbling issue but that seems to have digressed as his career has continued.

Collins in the Seahawks new offense

The other thing that should make Collins work well in new offensive coordinator Shane Waldron’s scheme is that he can catch the ball as well. He has 50 receptions in 39 career games but catches the ball 71.4 percent of the time he is targeted. Collins also runs bigger than his 210 pounds might indicate. He is tough to bring down.

While this is likely to change, re-signing Collins means the Seahawks currently have four running backs on their 2021 roster. Collins joins Rashaad Penny, DeeJay Dallas and Travis Homer. While none of these guys have proven to be Chris Carson-like, they are also still an inexpensive bunch. Terms for the latest re-signing of Collins with the Seahawks have not yet been announced.