Why the Seahawks receivers will excel in 2021

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So far in previous pieces, I have looked at the Seahawks O-line, quarterback and ground game. In this piece, I will analyze how good the current group of Seahawk receivers are and how they can be a key part of another successful season for Seattle in 2021.

Similarly to how I did for the ground game, I have devised my own formula for calculating how good the receivers for each of the 32 NFL teams are, and from that where the Seahawks rank currently.

To do so I have factored in wide receivers, tight ends and receiving backs to find the best 6 receivers on each roster.

How we compare the Seahawks receivers to others

Again, I do not want to bore you with what the entire formula is but again it leads heavily on my own ratings of players and as a sense check, those of PFF.com. By doing so, I am then able to evaluate the required level needed in order to both reach the playoffs and also to progress to the latter stages of the playoffs.

I would emphasize this is very much looking at the receivers remote from external factors such as how good the QB and offensive line on each team is.

I did factor the offensive line into my ground game calculations, but that was because there is a much greater correlation between a good offensive line and a good ground game than there is when it comes to how good a receiver is.

Preamble done so let’s get down to the matter in hand.

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