How the Seahawks secondary can be great in 2021

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In this, my penultimate piece reviewing the current Seahawks roster and what we can expect from the Seahawks in 2021, I will look at the defensive secondary. This has been a department that will have seen several personnel changes in the close season, so I will look at the impact of those changes.

Following the same pattern as in my previous pieces, I have rated each starter in the secondary, so two corners a nickel/depth back and both safeties using a mix of my own and Pro Football Focus ratings. By then comparing these ratings against the rest of the league, I will project how they are likely to perform in 2021.

Before I move onto the secondary, in my previous piece on the front seven I ranked the Seahawks fifth overall in the league in that department. Since I wrote that article, the ‘Hawks have added Aldon Smith to the ranks at DE, this addition moves the Seahawks from fifth to third-ranked on my list. Notably, they are now above both divisional rivals, the Rams and 49ers, although Cleveland vaulted above all of them with their addition of Jadeveon Clowney.

Seahawks secondary could be excellent in 2021

Pertinent to this article, this also probably negates the need to draft a DE, so much to my own chagrin, we are likely to see Janarius Robinson be selected by somebody other than the Seahawks in the 2021 draft.

So, the Seahawks are looking great defensively in terms of the front seven. But what about the secondary? Time to start analyzing how the Seahawks can get the best out of this department in 2021.

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