Ranking Seahawks ten best draft picks of John Schneider era

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Pete Carroll and John Schneider came to the Seattle Seahawks in 2010. Since then the team has been good but who are the ten best draft picks since then? It’s a pretty good debate. Seattle has built their roster by having some free agent signings that worked out perfectly and a bunch of draft picks that have been hit and miss.

In fact, Schneider gets kind of a lot more criticism than he should in Seattle. Has he had some years where the draft didn’t produce many good players? Yes. But which team hasn’t? And for every Ziggy Ansah that Schneider signs, he finds a Michael Bennett.

It’s easy to get spoiled as a Seahawks fan because they have been very good for most of a decade. We should remember, though, that there is a difference between success and perfection and no team in the NFL is perfect.

But Schneider has been very good at building the core of a Seattle football team through the draft since 2010. And Seattle will continue to be successful as long as Schneider is partly in charge.

Seahawks ten best picks of the John Schneider and Pete Carroll era

Michael Dickson (2018-5th round)

Starting with a punter? How good can this list be? Where the facts are that Schneider and Pete Carroll made the decision to draft Dickson in 2018 to be a “defensive weapon.” He has been just that. Dickson is one of the best – if not the best – punter in the NFL and will continue to help Seattle win football games for years to come.

Dickson has been everything Seattle promised he would be since they drafted him which is all one can ask of any draft pick. Does Dickson pin opposing offense back deep and help the Seahawks defense? Yes. He does this better than anyone else. In 2020, Dickson led the NFL with 32 punts downed inside the opposing 20-yard line. Draft success? Check.

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