Seahawks adding more quality and depth by snapping up UDFAs

As soon as the draft was over, the Seahawks got to work snapping up undrafted free agent (UDFAs) to add depth and quality to their roster. Having added D’Wayne Eskridge (WR), Tre Brown (CB) and Stone Forsythe (OT) in this year’s draft all teams have looked to pick up any overlooked talent as quickly as possible.

Let’s take a look at those the Seahawks have reportedly added so far.

Tamorrion Terry – WR – Florida State

Terry could have gone as high as round 4 of the draft for me, he has been inconsistent through his time as a Seminole, but with NFL-level coaching and time to develop he has masses of ability and talent.

Terry is unlikely to be seen much of in 2021, but longer-term could be a quality starting receiver in the NFL.

Seahawks reportedly picking up quality unrestricted free agents

Tyler Lockett is 28 and about to enter his seventh season as a Seahawk, Terry could be a challenger for his starting role in the next year or two and could be another UDFA free agent WR to provide big numbers for the Seahawks in the legendary footsteps of Doug Baldwin.

Jared Hocker – G – Texas A&M

The O line depth needed adding to and Hocker does that, he will primarily be used as a guard in running plays, if he can develop his skills on passing plays he could be a starting guard in long run.

Pier-Olivier Lestage – C – Montreal Carabins

The 23 year old Lestage provides depth at the center position and could provide competition to incumbent starter Ethan Pocic in time.

Bryan Mills – CB – North Carolina Central

Form a small school but of the size and length that the Seahawks like to draft at corner, Mills will need some time to develop but is another intriguing addition that given time could develop into a really good player.

B.J.Emmons – RB – Florida Atlantic

Emmons is very inexperienced and will need plenty of coaching, but longer-term could play a role as a power type running back for the ‘hawks.

Josh Johnson – RB – Lousiana Monroe

John Johnson has been an under-the-radar draft sleeper for me, again coming from a low-profile school, he has shown plenty of ability. The Seahawks have found late-round RB draft stars before in Chris Carson and Justin Forsett, This time they may have found one via UDFA.

Cade Johnson – WR/KR – South Dakota State

Johnson was listed in’s ten best UDFAs and rightly so, he is all about speed and has plenty of it. His production as South Dakota was fantastic and we may see him as a special teamer to start with, but there is every chance we could see him being used as a deep threat in the passing game too.

Connor Wedington – WR/KR – Stanford

Wedington has exactly the same profile as Cade Johnson, and I had him going in round 7 as a specialist kick returner. So Larry Izzo should be overjoyed to have so many quality options available to him.

John Rhattigan – LB – Army

Another special teams asset for Larry Izzo, Rharrigan will certainly add to that department and could be a depth linebacker further down his developmental road.

Jack Curhan – OT – California

I had Curhan mocked as a late-round 6 pick, so this is another good pick-up. He could play tackle or guard and whilst unlikely to be a quality starter will add much-needed depth to the Seahawks offensive line.

Greg Eiland – OL – Mississippi State

Don’t get into an argument with Stone Forsythe or this guy, Eiland is 6′ 8″ and 335 pounds so is another massive offensive lineman. He lacks the experience and exposure to high-level competition that Forsythe has had, so will be a developmental/depth lineman in 2021.

Eleven good or great additions to an already excellent draft, albeit with limited picks, the Seahawks have certainly added plenty of potential quality and depth to their roster.