The obvious reason why the Seahawks won’t be trading for Aaron Rodgers

(Photo by Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports) Aaron Rodgers
(Photo by Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports) Aaron Rodgers /

Recent speculation by an NFL insider involved the Seattle Seahawks potentially sending Russell Wilson to the Green Bay Packers for Aaron Rodgers.

Seattle Seahawks fans are very familiar with what fans of the Green Bay Packers are currently going through with quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Earlier this offseason, it was Seahawks signal-caller Russell Wilson who was reportedly unhappy with his team. There was even a report of the Chicago Bears sending a lucrative trade offer to Seattle in exchange for Wilson, but it was obviously not accepted.

Things have settled down for the Seahawks and their quarterback during the last couple of months. But with the news of Rodgers being discontent with the Packers, someone recently threw Wilson’s name back into the mill of trade rumors.

NFL insider speculates the Seattle Seahawks as a possible destination for Aaron Rodgers

Ever since ESPN’s Adam Schefter released the news about Rodgers’ unhappiness in Green Bay a few hours before the start of the 2021 NFL Draft, people have been attempting to figure out where the reigning MVP could end up before next season.

ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler was recently discussing possible destinations for the current Packers quarterback and he brought up the Seahawks as an under-the-radar-landing spot.

"“Now here’s a complete wild card in Seattle. Now, we know [Aaron Rodgers] is not going to the 49ers; let’s stay in the NFC West. One exec I talked to floated Seattle, just because John Schneider, the GM, has long-standing ties in Green Bay, and it’s clear he’s been unafraid to talk about Russell Wilson’s future with other teams as a potential trade.Russell Wilson and the Seahawks are in a much better place; they’ve smoothed some things out. Pete Carroll and Russel Wilson have talked. They’ve gotten some good free-agency pickups and draft capital, so Wilson’s happy right now. But would there be a better player-for-player swap than Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers? Probably not.”"

A few guys might entice Seattle to agree to a player-for-player trade that involves Wilson, but none of them would be Rodgers.

The reason why the Seahawks are highly unlikely to send Wilson to Green Bay in exchange for Rodgers might seem pretty obvious. But why in the world would Seattle trade their future Hall of Fame quarterback for a 37-year-old signal-caller who could only have a few years of good performances left in him?

If the Seahawks are ever going to send the 32-year-old Wilson packing, it’s going to either be for someone younger with a higher ceiling or for multiple draft picks that would allow them to acquire one of the top young quarterback prospects.

There are plenty of other reasons why the chances of Seattle making a deal for Rodgers are extremely low, but age is easily the biggest one of the bunch.

Some might think the idea of trading Wilson for Rodgers is a fun suggestion to make, but it’s just not very realistic.