5 remaining free agents for Seahawks to target

The Seahawks have done a nice job filling out their roster so far with a mix of talent and depth at each position this offseason.  I don’t see any obvious holes in the roster that are a weakness for the Seahawks, and I think they would be just fine entering the season as they are.

With that being said, talent remaining on the market can’t be disregarded.  Like the Buccaneers did last offseason before winning a Super Bowl, the Seahawks need to keep an eye out for players that they have a chance to bring in for less than they’re worth.

Restructuring Russell Wilson’s contract would allow the Seahawks to get one or two more solid veteran players in the short term.  Here are a few players who I believe the Seahawks can get for a deal and who will make the roster as a whole better for the coming season.

Best remaining free agents for Seahawks to target

  1.  Geno Atkins, DT:  Why not bring Atkins out to Seattle to join his old teammate Carlos Dunlap for a year?  He’s a possible future Hall of Famer, but his age plays well into the Seahawks’ hand.  He’s old enough that he won’t be too expensive, and I think he has one more season of effectiveness on the interior.  If he can stay healthy, he would bring solid starter talent to add to Poona Ford on the defensive line.
  2.  Olivier Vernon, OLB:  Vernon would be expensive, but obviously affordable by a restructure of Wilson’s deal.  Starting Dunlap and Vernon on the edges would be scary to opposing offenses and take even more pressure off the secondary.  And if Aldon Smith won’t be available, there may be a gap at 3- or 5-tech, or even Sam linebacker.
  3.  K.J. Wright, OLB:  Although K.J. said he wouldn’t take a hometown discount to stay in Seattle, his market clearly isn’t what he thought it might be.  If we can acquire him on a shorter-term deal, I’m all for it.  He had one of his best pro seasons in 2020.
  4. Trai Turner, G:  I’m only interested if Turner has capabilities to play center.  He’s a veteran and might enjoy a position change.  I don’t think Gabe Jackson can and I don’t feel comfortable moving Damien Lewis to center in year 2.  But Turner is a former Pro Bowler at right guard, and if he can play close to that well at center, he could turn the Seahawks’ offensive line into a top-10 unit.
  5.  Steven Nelson, CB:  Corner is still the position I think the Seahawks are the weakest at, but freeing up enough money to bring Nelson in would make my worries go away.  He’s only 28, so I’d even feel comfortable giving him a multiple-year deal if that means he’ll come to Seattle.  He left Pittsburgh on bad terms but has since cleared the air.

The Seahawks still have one more crucial move to make this offseason, and that’s extending Jamal Adams.  However, they need to take a serious look at the remaining free agent market and, if they have the cap room to do so, make an addition or two that makes them Super Bowl contenders in 2021.