Three biggest position battles for Seahawks this offseason

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The Seahawks have a talented roster heading into 2021. But a few positions could make the difference between making the playoffs and not. Or more importantly, a few positions might make the difference between a Super Bowl run or not.

Within the units in question, there is talent. But which player will get more snaps than others could make or break the group as a whole. Lots of times, the players that Pete Carroll thinks aren’t going to help the team the most get cut so keeping the right players is clearly important.

So which position groups are the toughest to guess along with seeing the greatest battles to remain on the Seahawks?

Seahawks toughest position battles heading into the 2021 season

Defensive tackle

The Seahawks got rid of Jarran Reed. He was getting too expensive and did not appear to be team-first and now he is gone. Reed will probably have an excellent season with the Chiefs coupled with former teammate Frank Clark. But Reed was extremely inconsistent with Seattle and Seattle rightfully moved on from him.

Poona Ford has been rumored to move into Reed’s former position and therefore will be expected to put more pressure on opposing quarterbacks than he has been expected to have done in the past. But then, who takes Ford’s place?

Seattle has quite a few players vying to take Ford’s place. One is Robert Nkimdiche who has tons of talent but has so far lacked the ability to stay healthy or apparently the will to succeed. Bryan Mone has been a solid Seahawks for a couple of years but is solely a run stopper. Al Woods is a proven vet but is getting long in the tooth and remains to be seen how much he can truly do for the Seahawks in 2021.

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