CBS Sports gets Seahawks roster all wrong for 2021

The Seahawks won the NFC West in 2020 and could again in 2021. The roster is even better. But CBS Sports says Seattle’s talent is in the bottom half of the NFL. People seem to like to hate on Seattle. Remember when ESPN said four years ago that Seattle’s starters weren’t that good?

Well, don’t worry, 12s. That ESPN article had the Seahawks with the 11th-best roster in the league. CBS Sports does ESPN even better heading into 2021. Though Seattle added players like Kerry Hyder and Aldon Smith to the pass rush rotation and Gabe Jackson to the offensive line, CBS Sports not only thinks Seattle has the 18th-best roster in the NFL but has the worst one in the NFC West.

According to CBS Sports, “The Seahawks have some big names on roster, but they don’t always rise to the occasion or maintain the consistency that’s needed.” Um, what? Seattle has made the playoffs the last three years. Since Pete Carroll became the head coach in 2010, the Seahawks have made the playoffs in 9 of 11 seasons.

OK, maybe CBS Sports has a bit of a point when discussing the Seahawks when it comes playoff time, but they do not specifically say that. Should Seattle lose to a team like the Giants in 2020? Probably not. But Seattle still won its division and made it to the playoffs.

CBS Sports also points out that Seattle ranked 22nd overall in defense last year. True. But most of that was due to issues in the first half of the season. Remember that Seattle was historically awful through the first five games. Finishing 22nd is actually pretty good as it turned out and shows just how good Seattle was in the second half of the season.

CBS Sports ranked the 49ers roster 16th-worst heading into 2021, the Cardinals 11th-best and the Rams are fourth-best. The Buccaneers, Chiefs and Browns were 1-3, respectively, on the list.

Seattle’s roster is better in 2021 than it was going into 2020 and Seattle definitely isn’t 14 teams worse than the Rams. Once again, the Seahawks will prove a website wrong in their assumption of how good Seattle will be.