Seahawks three biggest worries in the NFC West in 2021

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Every NFC West is capable of finishing first or last within the division. The Seahawks won the division last season, of course, and might have an even better roster this year. But so might have every other team in the NFC West. This year is likely to be a marathon where the division winner isn’t known until the final game of the year.

The Seahawks have loaded up on pass rushers but the cornerbacks might be an issue. Seattle re-signed Chris Carson but overall running back health has been a recent concern. The Seahawks fired Brian Schottenheimer as offensive coordinator and brought in Shane Waldron but Waldron has never called plays.

My point in the above paragraph is that while Seattle should be a good team, they also have lots of questions marks. But the same could be said for every one of their NFC West foes. So what should Seattle be most concerned about from their own division this year?

Seahawks biggest worries in the NFC West in the coming season

Worry number three: Health of the 49ers

San Francisco had 17 players miss at least half the season last year. Among these 17 were edge rushers Nick Bosa and Dee Ford. The 49ers also had several good offensive players miss lots of time. These injuries started at the beginning of the season and San Francisco never really had a chance to compete.

Even in the 49ers 2019 Super Bowl run, the Seahawks nearly won the division so Seattle can complete with the 49ers even if San Fran is completely healthy. But a healthy 49ers team still might be better than Seattle. This would also mean more competition in the NFC West where every game will count and that can take a physical toll on a football team over the course of a season.

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