What an extension for Seahawks star LT Duane Brown could look like

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The Seahawks have made quite a few great trades over the Pete Carroll, John Schneider era. Recently we have Pro Bowl FS Quandre Diggs for just a fifth-round selection. Carlos Dunlap for a 7th round selection and a bench player.

If we want to go back to the early years, Marshawn Lynch for 4th round pick and a conditional late-round selection was a gold-stricken trade. Trading Darryl Tapp for Chris Clemons and 4th round selection.

One could argue that one of their best trades was the acquisition of star left tackle Duane Brown. The Seahawks offensive line since Max Unger’s departure has been desolate. The group lacked a leader and lacked an anchor to build off. Acquiring Duane Brown has been a god-send for the team and Russell Wilson.

The current Seahawks leadership has made a living off getting the better of these trades.

Brown is a 5-time Pro Bowler, with one All-Pro nod. He has been the beacon of consistency that the Seahawks thought they were getting when they sent a second and third-round selection to acquire him back in 2017.

In his four seasons with the Seahawks, he has only missed four games. Many fans are so focused on the time-managed practices they don’t fully appreciate just how durable the now 35-year-old left tackle has been.

Despite getting older, Brown does not appear to be slowing down any time soon. It is because of this, he is seeking yet another contract with the Seattle Seahawks. Pete and John are actively working to get this done.

So, let’s go over why it would be smart to extend Brown now and what I think the extension will look like.

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