Seahawks: The three most entertaining players under Pete Carroll

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The Seahawks have normally been a team with extremely interesting players. But who are the three most entertaining ones ever? This isn’t an article about the three most talented Seahawks though all three players below did important things on the field for Seattle to varying degrees. But this is about players who have been fun to watch and listen to on and off the field.

One of the great things about head coach Pete Carroll, besides Seattle winning a bunch of games, going to the playoffs nearly every year and winning a Super Bowl, is he lets players be themselves as much as possible. One may not like Richard Sherman’s complaints (while others might) but Sherman was vocal on the field but also had fun in press conferences, like dressing up as Harry Potter for one in 2016.

Other fanbases have boring teams so 12s are lucky. Not only do we watch our favorite team win more than most, but we get to be entertained in the process. Here are three of the more entertaining players with the Seahawks since Pete Carroll became coach in 2010.

Three Seahawks that were fun to watch since Pete Carroll came to Seattle

Luke Willson

Willson brought Techno Thursdays to Seattle. He won’t ever be a Pro Bowler – Willson was drafted by Seattle in 2013 to be a pass-catching tight end and over his eight seasons his career number almost mirror exactly what receiver DK Metcalf produced in 2020 alone – but that’s OK. Willson was good in the locker room and always a great interview with never-ending stories.

So about those Techno Thursday practices. Willson began playing music on a 1980s-style boom box (neon green in color too) on Thursdays and the tight end room would wear short shorts in the same style. And in one road game in Dallas, prior to the kickoff the Cowboys stadium played Willson’s music for fun which set off a small celebration on the Seahawks sideline.

Willson had such a positive impact on the locker room that Seattle brought him back for a short stint in 2020. Not because of his football skill even, but because as Pete Carroll said, “He’s just an unusually gifted, spirited soul.”

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