5 Seahawks on the hot seat for Tuesdays cut-down to 80-man roster

We are now two-thirds of the way through the Seahawks preseason, and another set of roster cuts looms this Tuesday.  The Seahawks have to cut the team from 85 players down to 80 by that day, and there are at least a few players that would be good candidates to move on as they clearly have no place on the team.

Here are five guys who could find themselves out of a job come Tuesday.

Five Seahawks who could be cut on Tuesday

Dom Wood-Anderson, TE

(Update since the article was set to publish: Wood-Anderson was cut by the Seahawks on Sunday)

If you’ve watched the two preseason games, you know this one is obvious.  Wood-Anderson has had 1 catch for 0 yards across two games and has incurred 7 penalties in the same stretch.  He was a liability to the team in both games, and if the team is comfortable playing its higher-end tight ends next week, Wood-Anderson will be cut this week.

Darece Roberson, WR

Roberson has been somewhat ineffective so far, and I believe the only reason he was clinging on to the roster was because of his special teams ability.  With DeeJay Dallas showing out in the return game (along with one nice return by Cade Johnson), Roberson doesn’t have that leverage anymore.  Maybe the team will want to keep him as a gunner for the final game of the preseason, but I would expect a Roberson cut this Tuesday.

Alex McGough, QB

Maybe it’s just the fact that McGough looked so awful on Saturday, but he should be cut if Geno is healthy.  I believe in McGough’s athletic ability, and I thought he looked decent last week.  However, it’s clear he’s not comfortable in the new offensive system (and not the best decision-maker), and I think the team should keep Sean Mannion over McGough for now.

Myles Adams, DT

I really don’t have anything against Adams, but seeing as Al Woods and Bryan Mone have been playing well and this team definitely isn’t ready to move on from L.J. Collier, Adams sits among the bottom of the heap when it comes to the interior of the defensive line.

Joshua Moon, SS

Similarly to Myles Adams, Joshua Moon just doesn’t seem like the guy who’s going to climb the depth chart in the next 10 days.  Aashari Crosswell can fill in at safety for him in the final preseason game.

So there you have it.  Five guys who should be on the chopping block come Tuesday.  It’s important to remember that injured players could be placed on injured reserve and then they would not count towards the roster total.  Let’s now keep an eye on what the team does to manipulate the roster.