Seahawks can learn a lot from Cards beatdown of the Titans

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The Seahawks are off to a great start this season. Unfortunately, so is the rest of the NFC West. No team was more impressive than the Cardinals whipping of the Titans. What can Seattle take away from this game?

Now don’t get your dander up, 12s. I didn’t say our Seahawks were less impressive than the Cardinals, just not more impressive. Let’s give the desert chickens their due; they laid a fine whuppin’ on the Titans.

Tennesse made the playoffs with an 11-5 record last season and added Julio Jones to the roster this year. And yet they got manhandled by Arizona 38-13. Clearly, we need to take a look at this contest.

What Seahawks can learn from the Cardinals defeat of the Titans in week one

The most obvious takeaway here, other than a 25-point road win, is that Derrick Henry was absolutely bottled up. 58 yards on 17 carries with no scores is not exactly typical for a man who rushed for over 2,000 yards last season. He’s been held to fewer yards just three times in the past 36 games. New addition Julio Jones only caught three passes for 29 yards. Ryan Tannehill looked so dysfunctional at times, I thought he was back in a Dolphins jersey.

On defense, the Titans couldn’t have stopped a desert tortoise, let alone Kyler Murray. The Cards offense was much more balanced than the expected DeAndre Hopkins show, too. This was a complete beatdown. I guess that title was a spoiler after all; oops.

Rather than listen to me blather about the game, I thought you might prefer a little more expert analysis. And I can’t think of a better source for solid opinion and analysis than FanSided.  Kyler Burd of RaisingZona had five takeaways from his team’s big road win.

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