Seahawks versus Packers: Our staff mostly predicts a Seattle victory

The Seahawks play the Packers in week 10 of the 2021 season. Seattle is 3-5 and Green Bay is 7-2. The Packers lead their own division by 3 games already. Seattle is tied for last in the NFC West. Clearly, Seattle needs a win much more than Green Bay does.

But I have to give credit to the team we have here at 12th Man Rising. Most of us still have hope that the Seahawks can win any game. Part of being a fan means following a team nearly blindly but also almost always having hope. There is nothing wrong with hope.

And to be fair, the Seahawks are very capable of beating the Packers in Green Bay. No team in the NFL is perfect. It’s just that Seattle’s margin of error is less than Green Bay’s. The Packers have a consistently good defense and can throw and run the ball. All aspects of the Seattle team – offense, defense and special teams – are inconsistent.

Staff predictions for Seahawks versus Packers week 10

For Seattle to win in week 10, they need to have a well-played complete game by every unit of the team. They have the talent to do that but whether they can translate talent to productivity has been the question all year long.

Seattle probably needs to go 7-2 the rest of the season to make the postseason. After (likely) Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, they play the one-loss Cardinals. Seattle plays the Cardinals later in the season as well plus the Rams again. Seattle must win at least two of those four games. To increase their margin for error, Seattle needs a win in week 10.

Here is what our staff predicts will be the score.

Jake Luppino: Seahawks 35 Packers 31

Geoff Shull: Seattle 30 Packers 23

Andrew Bailie: Packers 27 Seattle 17

Nithin Ramachandra: Seahawks 31 Packers 24

Max Downard: Seattle 31 Packers 28

Todd Vandenberg: Seahawks 33 Packers 26

Kevin Daggett: Packers 35 Seattle 21

Lee Vowell: Packers 31 Seattle 17