Seattle Seahawks week 11 underachiever and overachiever of the game

Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports /

The Seattle Seahawks fell again in what has become a true test of fan loyalty. I have an unusual choice for the underachiever, and believe it or not, 12s, there was an overachiever in this game. I know it doesn’t seem like that’s possible, but it’s true.

The Seahawks long descent into – what can I call it and still get published? Let’s go with madness – continued Sunday. The Hawks are now 3-7, and while they aren’t mathematically eliminated from the postseason, it’s pretty obvious this team won’t be playing after January 9th. As Lee wrote in his recap of the latest debacle at Lumen Field, this loss was a total team effort. There were far too many underachievers to mention. So I thought I’d take a different approach today.

I’ll take the heat as the underachiever this week. It isn’t in the least pleasurable to write about how poorly someone played. No member of the Seahawks was dogging it in this game. Some underachieved, yes, but wasn’t for lack of effort.

Why am I calling myself out for underachieving? Just last week, I wrote that Ken Norton Jr. might not be the problem on defense. Clearly, he is.

Seattle Seahawks standouts from week 11 loss to the Cardinals

Earlier this year I also wrote that Shane Waldron would be just what the Seahawks needed to open up their game and make the most of the talents of Russell Wilson. Yeah… I may have been just a bit off the mark on that assessment. As in terribly wrong. Hence, I am the underachiever this week.

Now for the good news. The Hawks did manage to field one overachiever, despite the loss. Tell me, 12s; if I asked you before the game which player would come up with a pair of sacks – well, one and a half – you’d tell me it would be Darrel Taylor, right? Or maybe Jamal Adams got his swag on again. Or Rasheem Green broke through with another big game.

The one person you’d never expect would be the 345-pound nose tackle with half a sack in his previous 22 games. That’s right, Bryan Mone fueled the Hawks pass rush, such as it was.

Mone hit Cardinals QB Colt McCoy on two other plays and even forced the Cards backup to fumble on one hit. He’s also a big reason – a very big reason – that Arizona averaged less than three yards per carry in the ground. Now if only he could cover passes over the middle…then again, we’re supposed to have some players that are good at that already.

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The Hawks are in big trouble, and there certainly could be many changes coming this off-season. Frankly, it’s astonishing that we’re even talking about the off-season instead of the postseason. That’s for other teams, not the Seahawks. We expected so much more for 2021. But at least in this game, Bryan Mone played far above expectations.