Let Russ cook? Russell Wilson can’t even find the kitchen

Remember the days when the Pacific Northwest rang out with the words “Let Russ Cook”? Yeah, me neither. The Seahawks closed the kitchen and didn’t bother telling Russell Wilson. Hell, they bricked it up and tossed the blueprints away.

I know, 12s, I know. Just a few days ago I wrote that the Seahawks deserve our support now more than ever. Specifically, the players deserve our support. And here I am, calling out Russell Wilson for his play over the past few weeks. What a hypocrite, right? Russ can’t find the kitchen, that’s supportive? 12s, the coaching staff closed the kitchen months ago and bricked up the door. No one can cook in Seattle.

The thing is, I’m not calling out Wilson for his poor performance. I’m calling out the Seahawks as an organization for their poor performance. Russell Wilson is simply the most obvious example of the team’s ineptitude. The offense is terrible. And it’s not his fault. There were far more than three reasons for concern about the game in Washington, but the offense – and Wilson – was the greatest.

Is Russell Wilson the one who constantly says after another loss, “We should have run the ball more, and got out of our rhythm”? Is he the person who loses track of how often a player gets into the game, then bemoans the fact that he just “fell out of the rotation”? Does he call every play, draw up the schemes, write the game plan?

Russell Wilson looks bad for the third straight week

No, he does not make those statements, and he does not make those choices. Yes, he chose to come back from a broken finger in what appears to everyone on the planet not employed at 12 Seahawks Way as far too soon. But the coaching staff decides who plays, not the players. Number 3  clearly isn’t ready to play.  Maybe that would hurt his ego, telling him he isn’t up to getting back into the lineup. It sure doesn’t help the ego of his teammates putting him out there, now does it?

I wrote that the Seahawks closed the kitchen, and walled it up. That was a misstatement. Seattle demolished the kitchen, burned the blueprints, and fired the architect (literally, as in bye-bye, little Schotty). Yes, I was fired up about the hire of Shane Waldron. Yes, I was an idiot. But, I’m just a fan. The Seahawks brain trust should know a bit more than I do about football, shouldn’t they? We’re now 11 games into a season deeper than Ed Harris and James Cameron ever saw, and the Seahawks still think it can work.

Yes, Wilson finally came to life and looked more like Mr. Unlimited on the final drive of the game. How many vintage Russell Wilson drives have we had now in 2021 – two, three at the most? We’d normally have two or three per game. This offensive scheme, if you could call it that, recalls the scintillating play of Stan Gelbaugh. Yes, 12s, I said the G-word.

This offense is not the fault of Russell Wilson. This defense is not the fault of Jamal Adams, either. The coaching staff – and that truly means Pete Carroll, period, full stop – is at fault for this disastrous season. Yes, 12s, you can – and should – still support the Seahawks. You should still support the players. I support the DangeRuss one, even if he hasn’t been so dangerous this year. At this point, maybe they should hire Gelbaugh as the OC. He couldn’t be worse.