5 free agents that can help Seattle Seahawks rebuild for 2022

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The Seattle Seahawks are 3-8 and looking to rebuild for next year. There is no way this current roster or coaching staff should remain intact for next year. If it does, Seattle won’t be better, will be older and will continue to fall further behind its NFC West rivals.

Think about it. The expected talent for Seattle heading into the 2021 season has mostly been healthy. That talent has just been ineffective. Yes, Russell Wilson missed three games but he has also been bad since he came back from injury and wasn’t great before. His raw numbers look good but we all know when watching games how many open receivers Wilson misses (especially over the middle) and how he tends to force throws on third down.

Seattle needs to refresh its talent. That doesn’t mean getting rid of Wilson. His issues might be fixed by a better offensive coordinator who knows how to talk quarterback-speak to Wilson. But Wilson does need to be protected better and multiple changes are needed along the offensive line.

Seattle Seahawks: 5 free agents they need to sign in 2022

Defensively, Seattle needs a coaching change there too. The Seahawks used to be much more aggressive and now they just sit back and allow completion after completion. Bringing in players who can play a more aggressive scheme is a must.

It is not truly known how much cap space Seattle will have in 2022 as the overall cap is expected to go up quite a bit from 2021. But the projection is that Seattle will currently have about $42-45 million to spend. That’s plenty to make room for some very good free agents. Seattle just needs to be aggressive in their pursuit of free agents this offseason.

Here are five they should go after to make 2022 better.

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