Russell Wilson likely is not done building his legacy in Seattle

There’s no arguing that Russell Wilson is the greatest quarterback to ever play for the Seattle Seahawks.

Most would make the argument that Russell Wilson is the greatest player to ever play for this great organization. I would take it one step further. Russell Wilson is on the trajectory of being the greatest athlete the city of Seattle and the great state of Washington has ever had.

Only one man stands in front of him and that’s “The Kid,” Ken Griffey. Jr.

The Kid was so prolific he has a bronze statue in front of Safeco Field. I remember being in 8th grade at Nelson Middle School (located in Skyway an unincorporated Neighborhood in South Seattle) and begging my mom for a pair of the Air Griffeys. Every kid at my school had Air Jordans or Griffeys and I wanted some too. (To think that Griffey had such an impression on the youth of the 90s.)

Russell Wilson likely to keep building his legacy in Seattle

Russell Wilson’s reputation is something entirely different, though. He blasted on the scene in 2012 taking the starting position from Matt Flynn and stealing the hearts of 12s everywhere. He gave an instant impression of possibly being a “goodie two shoes”.  Wilson spent every Tuesday at Children’s Hospital talking with kids dealing with illness.

It wasn’t until two to three years of consistently simply being a good guy that 12s started to realize he was not putting on a charade. The Russell Wilson he was showing us is his true and humble self. He was exactly what the city of Seattle needed. He was exactly what the Seahawks needed as well. His game managing and clutch 4th quarter performances helped Seattle to its first Super Bowl title and back-to-back Super Bowl performances.

Russell Wilson has been a model of consistency since he’s arrived in Seattle and he’s been very clear that he wants to be GREAT – the capital letters are intentional. He cares about the legacy he leaves. Right now he’s on the verge of surpassing Ken Griffey as the most important athlete Seattle has ever seen and Russell Wilson is still in the prime of his career.

Russ leaving Seattle now will surely leave him as number 2 all-time in importance. He has to prove he can win a title without the Legion of Boom and Marshawn Lynch. Russell Wilson may have a title under his belt and while he was a crucial factor to that great 2013 team. The win is often credited to a great run game and one of the greatest defenses ever assembled.

When you ask many 12s, they might say Russ was just along for the Super Bowl ride. I believe this is hogwash. Wilson’s 4th quarter comebacks in his sophomore season can not go overlooked. He was also extremely efficient and made sure to minimize his turnovers.

If Russ chose to leave Seattle tomorrow, he will be etched in our hearts as an all-time great Seattle player. Not just football player but sports figure. But he will fall short of the greatness that he was destined to reach, which is the top of the mountain looking down at all the greatness that came before him knowing that his hard work and determination has elevated his legacy and etched him in stone as the greatest athlete Seattle has ever seen.

Russell Wilson is destined for “Living Local Legend” status in the streets of Seattle. His business in Seattle is unfinished and Russ doesn’t strike me as the type of man to leave business unfinished.