Seahawks news for Saturday includes D.K. Metcalf’s battle with calamari

The Seattle Seahawks are just into their offseason but the news never really stops. This week some interesting – and funny – things happened.

Of course, I am not even going to go into a deep dive here as far as who should be the next defensive coordinator in Seattle. The search is ongoing. That the Seahawks haven’t made a decision might also mean they want to meet with a defensive assistant from one of the four teams left remaining.

That hire will warrant an article of five unto itself, of course, and will likely determine how successful Seattle is over the next few years. But here are some less important, but still notable, nuggets of news from the past week.

Seahawks Saturday news: Jamal Adams updates and D.K. Metcalf likes ranch

Jamal Adams gives a status update

Adams tweeted this week that he has removed the sling he had to wear following surgery for a torn labrum he suffered during the season. He appears to be right on track for being ready for training camp in July. Adams might miss some offseason workouts but those aren’t that important for a veteran player.

Quandre Diggs upset about missed Pro Bowl appearance

Diggs, like Adams, was hurt during the 2021 season. Diggs’ injury came in Week 17 and is expected to take 4-5 months of recovery time. This means Diggs will not be able to participate on-field during the Pro Bowl. But the NFL in its at-times screwy wisdom has decided that players who are injured cannot even come to the Pro Bowl at all.

Diggs still wants to be around the other Pro Bowlers and feels he should be able to be there even if he can’t play. In a series of tweets, Diggs asked the NFL Players Association to take action to allow him to go to the event. And he is correct. If he could play, he would. Simply because he was injured is not a good reason why he isn’t allowed to be at the event at all.

D.K. Metcalf likes his ranch dressing…and wants it on his calamari

On Friday, Metcalf took to Twitter to voice his opinion on something we all ask ourselves: Should I have ranch with my calamari or not? Well, Metcalf made it very clear that your calamari should be served with ranch dressing.

There you have it. Not only should you definitely have ranch with calamari but you should serve possible jail time if you don’t have ranch. Metcalf’s tweet led to several funny responses but my favorite may have been this one:

No matter what, while you are eating your calamari today with your family and friends, you should ask the important question to the group: “Who needs some ranch?”