Three potential trade partners for Seahawks star Tyler Lockett

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Seahawks Tyler Lockett
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Seahawks could send Tyler Lockett to the Dolphins

A year ago, our own wonderful scribe Geoff Shull targeted the Dolphins as a potential trade partner for Lockett with this excellent breakdown of how it would impact the Seahawks. Obviously, the numbers have changed, but the gist remains the same. The Hawks now save $10 million in cap space, plus Tyler Lockett’s $3 million salary. At over $63 million, Miami leads the league in cap space, and can easily absorb the addition of Tyler Lockett’s financials.

As Geoff wrote, the Hawks would likely get a second-round pick for Lockett. Due to the irresponsible behavior of former HC Brian Flores, the Phins reeled off seven straight wins and improved their draft position. At least, that’s how owner Stephen Ross allegedly sees it. So instead of getting a relatively high pick, Miami’s second-rounder is 15th. That’s hardly enough for a talent like Tyler Lockett, but if they sweeten the deal to include a second and fourth in 2023, I think we’re in business.

Most sites have the Phins drafting at the offensive line and running back positions early, which makes a lot of sense. Mel Kiper Jr., though, sees them picking a wide receiver in the first round. That was before Miami named former Niners OC Michael McDaniel as their new head coach. If they truly want to spend draft capital on a wideout, a trade for Lockett would be a bargain.

Unfortunately for him, not only do the Dolphins lead in cap space, but they also lead the league in crazy. Despite that I’ve been a fan of the guys with a porpoise on their helmet for decades – cut me some slack, I grew up there – I’d hate to see Tyler Lockett sentenced to whatever they’re calling Joe Robbie for the next few years. Perhaps there’s a better landing spot ahead.