Three potential trade partners for Seahawks star Tyler Lockett

Mandatory Credit: Michael Chow-Arizona Republic
Mandatory Credit: Michael Chow-Arizona Republic /
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Seahawks Tyler Lockett
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Seahawks best move: ticket Tyler Lockett for the Jets

When I say New York, you say J E T S Jets Jets Jets. Actually, please don’t. But Tyler Lockett may have to get used to it.  The Jets are the ideal trade partner in my mind. For one, it’s yet another AFC team, so that minimizes the chances of Lockett returning to the scene of the crime and beating our brains out. Gang Green also has $48 million in cap space, fifth in the league. They too can easily afford to play Mr. Lockett what he’s worth.

As for draft capital, New York has the 35th overall pick as well as the 38th. Either of those would likely be the main piece in fair compensation to the Hawks, along with a second-rounder in 2023. I like either the Jets or the Jags because that 2023 pick would also likely be high in the draft. I favor New York slightly as I see them as having a bit more on the roster than Jacksonville. Because of this, I picture the Jets seeing themselves as closer to competing for the postseason, thus more willing to give up a little more for a 29-year wide receiver. Even if he is a great one.

Lockett would find himself in a less chaotic organization than either the Phins or Jags, too. Unlike either of those teams, they have a solid head coach in Robert Saleh. Lockett would be expected to help groom a young QB in any of these three cities, though. In New York, his assignment would be Zach Wilson. He had a tough rookie season to be sure. Then again, his leading receivers were Jamison Crowder, Braxton Berrios, and Elijah Moore. I’m sure there are people in Queens who haven’t heard of these guys. Lockett would be a gigantic upgrade in New York.

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Let me reiterate, restate, and further clarify: I am in no way calling for the Seahawks to trade Tyler Lockett. I’d love to see Seattle bite the bullet on his increasingly expensive contract and keep him in College Navy and Wolf Gray until he gets up out of his rocker to raise the flag for the 2033 season. Better than trading him, rework his contract now. But if he’s going to be moved, this is the season to do it.