3 potential landing spots for Seahawks receiver Tyler Lockett

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Philadelphia Eagles

Lockett is used to working with (and re-working routes, as needed) with a mobile quarterback. Philadelphia appears to be sticking with Jalen Hurts at QB for now and Hurts would greatly benefit not only from a receiver with Lockett’s skill but also from Lockett’s ability to adapt to a QB’s improvisation.

It is actually shocking in a way, and a testament to Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni, that Philadelphia was anywhere near the postseason in 2021 with so little talent and production out of the team’s wide receiver group overall. Rookie DeVonta Smith might turn out to be OK but he would also benefit from Lockett’s veteran knowledge.

Philadelphia has two first-round choices in the 2022 draft, numbers 15 and 18. They need an edge rusher as well as receiving help. If the Eagles were able to trade up, they’d have a few high-end edge rushers they could choose. And if they added Lockett, their receiving group would be much better.

This is how I could see a Seahawks and Eagles trade working. The Eagles would trade both their first-round picks and their second-round choice (number 51 overall) to Seattle for Lockett and Seattle’s number 9 choice.

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This would allow the Seahawks to have five picks in the top 51 of the draft and they wouldn’t be trading far back in the first round. Lockett leaving would hurt, both on and off the field, but Dee Eskridge would step into his role, create a lot more cap space in the long run for the Seahawks and Seattle could use a bunch of that to extend Metcalf.