Seahawks 2022 schedule: Losing Russ hurt Seattle in Prime Time

The Seattle Seahawks schedule was announced, just like every NFL team’s, on Thursday. In 2022, Seattle will have fewer Prime Time games.

Of course, this makes sense after Seattle traded its face of the franchise, Russell Wilson, this offseason. Plus, Seattle released Bobby Wagner. When the NFL was thinking about Seattle and Prime Time games, the league must have thought, “Who would the nation tune in to watch for the Seahawks?”

This is also probably coupled with most national pundits thinking that Seattle isn’t going to be as good this coming season as they mostly have been over the last decade.

In 2022, the Seattle Seahawks will be playing fewer Prime Time games

Seattle already knew who its opponents would be at the end of the last year, but the team didn’t know when they would be playing those teams. Because Seattle finished in last place in the NFC West in 2021, they had a last-place schedule and would be playing a bunch of last-place teams.

Seattle also knew, based on the NFL’s rotations of when divisions would be playing other divisions, that the Seahawks would be facing the teams from the AFC West and NFC South along with facing every other NFC West team twice. Based on this, Seattle has the 11th-most difficult schedule in 2022 based on win-loss totals from 2021 records.

12s also learned last week that Seattle will “host” the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Munich, Germany this season. It will be the first regular-season NFL game ever played in Germany. This meant Seattle would have 8 true home games and 8 away games.

But as far as Prime Time games go, we almost can’t even count Week 1 for Seattle. This game is scheduled for Monday Night Football because it’s Wilson’s return to Seattle and not simply because the NFL wants Seattle to be in Prime Time.

Seattle finished with just two Prime Time games. One is Week1 . And the other is Weel 15 against the 49ers on Thursday Night Football on 12/15. The NFL basically thinks the Seahawks are unwatchable in 2022, I guess.

Here is the rest of the schedule: