Seattle Seahawks: 15 best wide receivers in franchise history

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The Seattle Seahawks have had periods of their history where they were run-heavy but Seattle has also produced some excellent receivers such as these 15.

When Seattle started out as a franchise in 1976, they were like any other team in any sport just beginning: They were lousy. Still, they built enough talent that they would get competitive fairly quickly and by the early 1980s, they were in the playoffs. But one of the first players they had was a fantastic receiver and would make the Hall of Fame. No surprise, he is on this list.

There are also several receivers that follow that were part of the early 2000s when Seattle had likely its best offense in franchise history. Seattle reached its first Super Bowl in 2005 and mostly because its offense, led by quarterback Matt Hasselbeck and running back Shaun Alexander, were fantastic.

Who are the 15 best wide receivers in Seattle Seahawks history?

Even though Seattle had its greatest decade of success in the 2010s and a lot of the reason was because of its defense, the offense still did its part. There are a few receivers from that decade on this list as well.

Seattle has been a team since 1976 that has had a bunch of really good running backs leading the offense, some OK quarterbacks (two were really good, though!), and several good wideouts. One receiver is pretty special, however, not only for Seattle but in NFL history overall.

So who are the best wide receivers in Seahawks lore? The 15 that follow might be it.

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