Which Seahawks player should your kid have on their lunch box this year

Depending on where you live, school has either started back or will soon. Which Seattle Seahawks player do you need on your lunchbox?

OK, you could just go with a regular Seahawks logo lunch box but that is way too generic. That almost says the kid might not be a real fan because anyone – even a 49ers fan! – could have a logo on their lunchbox. But a player who is currently on the team? That means your kid knows something.

I mean, ideally, you might have a Poona Ford lunchbox. That would suggest several things. One of those suggestions: Your kid knows a great, and yet underrated, Seahawks player.

Two, and this might be even better, is that not only the lunch inside is implied, due to Poona being on the outside of the lunchbox, but what you have made for your child is better than the other parents because outside Poona greatness also equals inside parent-made greatness? It’s a thing, trust me.

Three Seahawks lunch boxes you or your child should have

So which Seahawks players (besides Poona) should your child (or let’s be honest, you at work!) have on your lunchbox in 2022?

Number 1: DK Metcalf

Metcalf is likely the face of the franchise currently. In fact, with no known QB1 at this time, Metcalf could be the face of the Seahawks for the next several seasons. That’s OK too. He has personality to spare, charisma and is good at what he does.

Number 2: Tyler Lockett

If you want your child (or you, let’s be honest) to show that you care about quality Seahawks while also caring about your fellow human, Lockett is your guy. He is a tremendous player, for sure, but an even better person. This would be the lunch box of a future politician who cares about saving humanity.

Number 3: Rashaad Penny

A bit of a wild card here but by December this lunch box could be the envy of all the other kids at school (or your colleagues at work). Penny led all NFL running backs in yards-per-carry last year with 6.3. He has talent but he gets hurt too much. Yet, if he can stay healthy, Penny could maybe be a top-ten MVP candidate.

The problem is finding these lunch boxes. Surely someone makes them somewhere, right? If not, you could quit your own job and start a lunch box company and put these three Seahawks on them.