Seahawks news for Friday: DK Metcalf and Darrell Taylor rumble

In your Seahawks news from this week, DK Metcalf and Darrell Taylor had a disagreement during practice and some rookies are shining.

Obviously, with training camp underway, there is a lot of news to watch if you are a 12. Which rookies are standing out and might make an immediate impact on the season? But there is a larger question at a certain position, of course.

The quarterback battle seems to be real as well so we appear to be no closer to knowing who Seattle’s QB1 will be in Week 1 than we knew in May. That probably isn’t a good thing but we can still hope.

Seahawks news of the week (so far)!

Rumble at the VMAC

Two of the Seahawks most important players got into a fracas this week during a drill. Metcalf can be seen walking back to the huddle when clearly someone says something to him from the defensive side of the ball, he turns around, obviously angered, and then pushing and shoving begins.

Practices skirmishes are nothing new, of course, but I haven’t heard of any issues between Metcalf and Taylor. Likely this fight was just one due to the heat on the field and intensity of practice. At least no one was hurt. The Seahawks can’t afford to lose either Metcalf or Taylor.

Of course, 12s know that Metcalf can be an instigator at times during games with opposing teams. This happened several times in 2020 and a few more in 2021. It will likely happen in 2022 too.

Coach Carroll tested positive for COVID-19

Carroll, who is fully vaccinated, tested positive for the virus this week and basically coached virtually while experiencing mild symptoms. I guess if there is a positive to this, NFL coaches had to get used to virtual meetings and coaching sessions during the pandemic so Carroll having to do so temporarily isn’t something he isn’t used to.

K.J. Wright says Seahawks could make a playoff push

Finally, in more happy news, former Seahawks linebacker K.J. Wright told NFL Network show Good Morning Football this week that the Seahawks could potentially make the playoffs in 2022. While Wright has always been a cheerleader for Seattle, his reason for thinking Seattle could be successful this year is sound.

Wright says a “young, hungry” team is dangerous. And he should know. In the early 2010s, Wright was part of those same kinds of teams for the Seahawks and those teams went to back-to-back Super Bowls.