Seahawks quarterbacks look terrible in training camp so far

The Seahawks knew the quarterback position might be iffy in 2022 after trading Russell Wilson. But so far in training camp, the QB spot is awful.

I get that Drew Lock looked better in this past Saturday’s Seahawks mock game than did Geno Smith but Smith has had a bad training camp overall so far. Yet, up until now, Seattle has had Smith take a lot more of the QB1 snaps than Lock and that’s a really bad sign.

Offensive coordinator Shane Waldron has hinted that the decision about who the Seahawks Week 1 will might actually come down to Seattle’s first real game of 2022 which happens to be against Lock’s former team, the Denver Broncos.

Hopefully, just so the team can be fully prepared for who is going to start against the Broncos, the determination of who will be QB1 will be made after preseason game two on August 18th. If Lock looks as good against the Steelers on August 13th and the Bears on August 18th as he did in the mock game, the quarterback battle should end and Lock should be the Week 1 starter.

Seahawks appear to have a horrible quarterback situation

But the fact is neither Geno Smith nor Drew Lock have done anything in training camp to separate them from the other. And if the Seahawks success in 2022 relies mostly on how the quarterback plays then from what we have seen in training camp so far we can assume Seattle is going to be bad this season.

One practice ended with Geno Smith throwing late and over the middle to an open receiver and the ball was intercepted. The worst part about the play is that it didn’t seem to be a mechanical issue with Smith’s throwing but an intentional attempt to throw the pass that way. In a real game, that kind of pass might be the reason the Seahawks get beat.

Still, whatever the Seahawks coaches are seeing from Drew Lock in camp doesn’t make them think, “Gosh, this guy has to be the starter over Geno.” The fact is, one good mock game by Lock doesn’t mean he is the guy. Lock has no history of being consistently good and neither does Smith.

That neither has been very good in training camp so far and have been consistently iffy should cement that the start of the season is going to be rough for the Seahawks. One can only hope either Lock or Smith finds a way to play the best football of their lives for most of 2022.