ESPN hate of Seahawks grows with release of top 100 players list

Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports /

ESPN released its list of the top 100 players in the NFL. Only one member of the Seahawks makes the list and that is DK Metcalf. Other Seattle players deserved better.

OK, we all know DK Metcalf is likely the new face of the franchise. That’s OK. He is effervescent, talented and big and fast. He is larger than life and that is what the Seahawks need right now.

But is Metcalf really the only top-100 player on the team? Come on. No. Seattle might be without Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner but their absences do not mean that other talented players are suddenly devoid of skill.

Maybe the Seahawks win-loss totals won’t be fantastic but they were only 7-10 in 2021 and that was mostly with Russell Wilson and Bobby Wagner. Plus, Seattle has been infused with lots of young talent like Charles Cross and Abe Lucas. And that is just on the offensive line.

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I am not saying I think Cross or Lucas or Coby Bryant or Tariq Woolen should be on the top-100 list. They haven’t proven they can play in the NFL yet.

But is Metcalf really the only Seahawk worthy of being on ESPN’s list? No way. In fact, Metcalf may not even be the best player at his position on the Seahawks. That might be Tyler Lockett. Metcalf is great but Lockett has been more consistently productive and both players should be good this season no matter who the quarterback is.

So, if Metcalf is on the top-100 list so should Lockett.

But how can safety Quandre Diggs not be in the group? I won’t say Jamal  Adams is a top-100 player currently because of his recent injury history and his overall lack of production in 2021. But Diggs has made the Pro Bowl the last two years and has 5 interceptions in each of those seasons. Over the past two years, no safety in the NFL has more picks than does Diggs.

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It is also odd that ESPN, though they love Metcalf and disrespect the rest of the roster, only projects Metcalf to have 5 touchdown receptions this year. Metcalf actually had 4 in the short time Smith was his quarterback in 2021 so catching TDs shouldn’t be an issue in 2022. Or maybe ESPN just doesn’t know what they are talking about.