Seahawks week one MVP: Uchenna Nwosu turns up the heat

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The Seahawks defense needed heroes

The passer rating for DangeRuss when targeting Jackson was just 63.5, second-best on the team. He did that without committing any penalties, by the way. Oh, did I mention he recovered both of Denver’s fumbles? Yeah, Mike Jackson had a terrific game.

He was far from the only player who balled out Monday night, though. Safety Josh Jones is another member of the Seahawks who wasn’t a lock for the opening day roster. He outplayed Marquis Blair in preseason, though. Combined with the injury to defensive back Ryan Neal in August, Jones was used by the Hawks as their third safety at the start of the Broncos game. He dropped into coverage with Quadre Diggs, allowing Jamal Adams to do what he does best.

Unfortunately that all changed in one heartbeat. Adams was lost, now confirmed for the season, and Jones was the new strong safety. Jones was targeted five times and allowed three completions. On the face of it, that doesn’t sound so great, right? But let’s dig deeper. Those three completions gained a total of 11 yards. Wilson’s passer rating when targeting Jones was just 64.6. Again, not too shabby for squaring off against a Hall of Fame quarterback.

Jones did miss three tackles, so he’ll need to clean that up. But among his seven tackles, two were huge solo stops with the Broncos inside the Hawks ten-yard line. Jones had an assist on a third stop at the Seattle six. It’s no exaggeration to say that all three of these were game-saving plays. He was definitely one of the Seahawks unsung heroes.  But I have to say there was still one more guy in Action Green who stood out even more in the Seahawks hard-fought win.