An efficient Geno Smith hasn’t earned respect in FanSided’s QB rankings

Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports /

In FanSided’s most recent weekly quarterback rankings, Seahawks QB Geno Smith is moving up the list. But he is a long way from the top and will have a long ride to get there.

Maybe it’s time to give Geno Smith some respect. Did he throw an interception at the end of Week 3 that was for all intents and purposes ended the game? Yes. Did he have to force a throw in the situation he was in? 100 percent, yes.

Geno Smith shouldn’t be blamed for the Seahawks 1-2 start. Heck, where would the team be without Smith, to be honest? Are the second half woes for the Seattle offense the fault of the quarterback or the fault of the offensive coordinator failing to re-adjust to what an opposing defense does at halftime of games?

Smith has done everything asked of him and has done it well. He leads the NFL in completion percentage (77.5). He has done that by throwing as many passes (102) as the Rams Matthew Stafford has. But if you were to ask an average NFL fan who the better quarterback was, most likely the answer would be Stafford.

Geno Smith doesn’t quite get the respect he deserves in FanSided’s weekly QB rankings

Geno Smith has a quarterback ranking (100.8) through the first three weeks of the 2022 season than Stafford, Justin Herbert, Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. Smith is far ahead of former Seahawks QB Russell Wilson in terms of QBR (Wilson’s is 83.2). Geno Smith also tops Wilson in touchdown passes (4-2) and total QBR (62.2-45.5).

Yet, FanSided’s Matt Verderame still only has Geno Smith ranked as the 25th best QB in the NFL in 2022 so far. Verderame does correctly point out that Smith isn’t the reason for Seattle’s poor start. But Verderame, currently at least, has Jameis Winston and Matt Ryan ranked ahead of Smith and this seems unfair.

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Hopefully, in the weeks ahead, Smith will continue his good play and the Seahawks will start winning some games. If this happens, surely Smith will move up FanSided’s rankings and start getting the respect he deserves for the season he has had so far.