Seahawks Week 4 MVP: Coaches finally find Rashaad Penny on the roster

Mandatory Credit: David Reginek-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: David Reginek-USA TODAY Sports /
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The Seahawks beat the Lions in a game that looked like an offensive scrimmage. Rashaad Penny did the most with the least to win the week 4 MVP.

I have to tell you, 12s, it is so gratifying to finally name Rashaad Penny as a game MVP. Most of my joy comes from the simple fact that the Seahawks finally remembered he could play.

I mean, for a team that supposedly only wants to run the ball, the Hawks haven’t been doing much of it. So it was great to see Penny get his chances Sunday.

Before I move on to Rashaad Penny’s return to spectacular form, I can’t overlook that Seattle had more than a few spectacular performances in their win over Detroit. I also appreciate the league scheduling a two-hand touch seven-on-seven scrimmage in the regular season. Now that’s innovative thinking!

Rashaad Penny was just one star in Seahawks offensive show

I would be in serious violation of 12s code if I didn’t single out those key players who also had huge games for the Hawks. As shocking as it is, one of those was on the defensive side of the ball. Tariq Woolen picked off Jared Goff and took it to the house on a 40-yard dash that seemed even faster than his renowned 4.26 speed. Without those six points from Woolen, the Hawks likely lose this game. He also graded out at 79.1 for tackling, a skill that is largely unknown by the Seattle defense so far.

DK Metcalf broke through with a spectacular game as well with seven catches for 149 yards. perhaps just as important is the fact he did this on 10 targets. Compare that to week three, when he just caught five of his 12 targets. Oh, and he also made headlines by showing there’s go time, and then there’s go time.

Of course, no team puts up 555 yards of offense without great quarterback play. My MVP could easily go to Geno Smith. In fact, I changed this entire article, because as I started it during the fourth quarter, my choice was the long-term backup, now butt-kicking starter. But I’ve already given him his own tribute for this game. There will be more MVP games for him.