Tracking the QBs the Seahawks should take in the 2023 NFL draft: Week 7

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Seahawks 2023 QB targets: 7 through 4

Number 7: KJ Jefferson

NFL Comp: Jacoby Brissett

On the winning side of the duel in Provo was Arkansas and their mountain of a quarterback in KJ Jefferson. After missing last week with an injury, Jefferson returned and looked like the more intriguing prospect between him and Hall.

On the road in a tough environment, Jefferson was the best player on the field, completing 73 percent of his passes, totaling 399 yards and 5 touchdowns.

He was absurd, like taking a hit from 3 guys at once and still not going down absurd. If Geno earns the “Tannehill” contract, KJ is a great option in the 3rd-4th round as a backup that could be used in the wildcat or short-distance downs.

Number 6: D.J. Uiagalelei

NFL Comp: B version of Trevor Lawerence

Uiagalelei is such a unique story and draft prospect. If the draft was two months ago, D.J. is not getting drafted and would have been lucky to still be the Clemson starter by season’s end. Fast forward to today, D.J. and the Tigers stock are soaring and there may be no end in sight.

The Tigers look like a legit CFP squad, while Uiagalelei is marching up the draft boards. At 7-0, Uiagalelei has already surpassed all of his stats from last year, while his completion percentage has risen nearly 10% from last year. His size, running ability, and incredible arm strength will eventually get him drafted in the first round…if he can keep it up.

A playoff berth and potential battle against the likes of Ohio State or Georgia could boost his stocks to the top ten, he has that ceiling.

Number 5: Hendon Hooker

NFL Comp: A less mobile mobile Lamar Jackson

The man of the hour. Hooker and the Volunteers have slayed the big bad Bama dragon, and have resurrected a dormant program while taking the lead in the Heisman race.

400 yards, 5 touchdowns, and a Patrick Mahomes lightning-quick drive to set up the game-winning field goal in a 52-49 win over Bryce Young and Alabama.

The win potentially changes the landscape of both college football and the draft. A CFP run and Heisman trophy have drawn the eyes of many franchises to take a player that may not have been so highly thought of before the season. This turn has changed the fortunes of Joe Burrow and Cincinnati while Cleveland wasn’t so lucky with Baker Mayfield. Hooker has that chance. Keep in mind, the star QB is from North Carolina, the pressure is officially on for the Carolina Panthers.

He’ll also be 25 when he takes his first NFL snap next season, an age that will scare teams away. This may be one of the more divisive players in the draft.

Number 4: Anthony Richardson

NFL Comp: A young Cam Newton

If Uiagalelei and Hooker aren’t the biggest boom/bust prospects in the upcoming draft, then Anthony Richardson takes that claim.

An elite physical talent, an arm like Mahomes and a body like Newton, the stats don’t match up. Since his impeccable opening night upset of Utah, the Gators have struggled to piece together a legitimate passing attack, and have fallen to 3-3.

Some of this is on the offense, some on the talent around Richardson, and some on Richardson. At the end of the day, you fall into two camps.

He’s legit and will be an absolute steal as a late 1st or 2nd round pick, setting the Seahawks up for a decade of success behind Geno and Richardson.
He’s too inconsistent, unable to make the critical throws, and the pick sets Seattle back 3-4 years.

I don’t think there will be an in-between here, but I do believe in him