Grading Seahawks QB Geno Smith’s adequate performance in Week 6

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The Seattle Seahawks defense stole the show in a huge Week 6 win over divisional rival, Arizona Cardinals. Highlighted by 6 sacks, big fourth down stops and the playmaking ability of our rookies, the Seahawks find themselves tied for 1st place in the NFC West.

Although it has been quite exciting to watch these offensive shootouts, Sunday’s victory served as a subtle reminder that this Seattle Seahawks team might actually be able to compete for a playoff spot. It is unrealistic to rely on winning when you can only score 30+ points. In order to be a well-rounded team, you have to be able to win games in multiple ways.

Nonetheless, I actually liked the performance by Geno Smith in Week 6. Yes, if he was better, this game would have been a blowout. But, his adequate performance showed his commitment to winning. He didn’t try to do much on any given play. He remained in control at the line of scrimmage and most importantly, protected the football.

In weeks past, Geno was playing the point guard position like Stephen Curry. Making the types of throws that were jaw-dropping. This past Sunday, Geno played the point guard position more like Chris Paul. Nothing fancy, but efficient enough to get the job done.

Evaluating Seattle Seahawks QB Geno Smith’s Week 6 start

Despite the fact that everyone is saying, “it was only a matter of time before Geno came back to Earth”, I think the Arizona Cardinals defense should be given credit. Up front, they caused havoc. Rookie LT Charles Cross got beat off the line of scrimmage many times while RT Abe Lucas was called multiple times for penalties.

One could say our rookie tackles got baptized in this game. Regardless, the Seahawks offense found a way to put enough points up on the board and secure a key victory. A large part is due to the impressive play of rookie HB Kenneth Walker III. He showed his home run ability with some big runs in this game as well as his physical traits, breaking multiple tackles on a single run.

In fact, the Seahawks rushing attack was the bright spot of this offense. Geno Smith himself made some big plays with his legs. Although it seemed surprising to see so many designed runs for Geno, Pete Carroll noted it was a big part of their game plan coming in.

The one thing this offense lacked on Sunday was the explosive downfield play. Granted, Geno was under duress. But, it is also my belief that the coaching staff decided to call a more conservative game given the fact that the Seahawks defense finally showed up.

Again, as mentioned numerous times already this year, Geno’s willingness to be coached into the quick passes is what keeps drives alive. Rather than holding onto the ball and trying to make the big play happen, Geno has done an excellent job in taking what is given to him. The confidence that he plays with jumps off the screen, even in a game where he doesn’t throw for over 200 yards.

My favorite play of the game came on a crossing route to Dee Eskridge. Really nice play design with the pre-snap motion of D.K. Metcalf coming across, keeping the right corner disciplined in his zone. But, how about that throw from Geno Smith? With 3 defenders collapsing on him, he sets his feet, stares them in the eye and throws a dart, resulting in a 1st down.

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As Pete Carroll says, it’s all about the ball. Well, Geno did his job in protecting the ball and helping his team earn a big victory.

Grade: B