Notes from the Nest: It’s alive! The Seahawks D is alive!

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The fall of Denver and the West

Speaking of offenses that are not always dominant, I’m not sure if we’ll ever see that from Russell Wilson and the Broncos. Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but the Broncos played a terrible game, losing in embarrassing fashion, on national television. This brings Denver to 2-4 on the season and 1-3 in primetime games. Thankfully for football fans, we are scheduled to only see them one more time in a late-night spot.

While Broncos and their fans appear defeated and in despair, the Seahawks and their fanbase are reveling in the opportunity that may be presenting itself. If the season ended today, the Seahawks would be looking at the 14th pick and the 7th overall pick thanks to Denver. This would be massive, as the last time Seattle was in this type of position, Pete Carroll and John Schneider nailed their draft, selecting Russell Okung and Earl Thomas, Super Bowl champions.

Considering the Broncos still have to play the Chargers, Raiders, Rams, Jets, Ravens, and  Chiefs twice, I’m not sure the Broncos will win 6 games. Considering that Wilson appears to be getting injured after each loss now, you have to wonder if this season will really fall off the rails, and Seattle could possibly end up with a top 5 pick.

It’s not just the Broncos struggling in the West, but the NFC West appears to be legitimately up for grabs. The Cardinals look closer to firing Kliff Kingsbury than making the playoffs. The Rams just lost their left tackle for the season, and have to go 4 quarters before pulling away from the worst team in football Carolina. The 49ers have the talent, probably the second most talented team in the NFC behind Philadelphia, but they have consistently struggled with injuries.

I could write down how many starters missed San Francisco’s Week 6 loss at Atlanta, but by the time I finished, it’d be wild card weekend. We’ve seen 49er teams fall apart health-wise in the past. If this happens again, the NFC West could be between the disappointing Rams and the surprising Seahawks.

That’s incredible when you think about it. The Seahawks could shock the world, win the West, and host a playoff game this season. After that, they could conceivably have 4 top 55 picks, including the chance at a premier pick.

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Safe to say the vibes are good for the Seahawks! They will be challenged next week in a road (maybe) game in LA against the Chargers. A tough challenge against a top-tier QB and a contender that is getting healthy. A win and that division title talk will get a lot louder.

Go Hawks!