Geno Smith is better than Russell Wilson in 2022. Period.

Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports /

We are now 7 games into the NFL season and two things are sure: 1) What you thought was real, probably isn’t; 2) Geno Smith is better than Russell Wilson. Heck, even here at FanSided, when I click on Focus Keywords I still have an option for Russ but not Geno. The NFL in general needs a reset.

Also, I won’t even pretend to act like I thought what the Seahawks were going to get from Geno Smith is what is actually happening this season. Drew Lock looked like he had the more exciting arm in the preseason and the Seahawks were still making Geno appear as he did in the three games he started in 2021. That is, Geno Smith looked like he knew the offensive scheme and was capable of running what the plan was but also looked like he and that plan were not good.

But Geno Smith is good. No, let me correct that. In 2022, Geno is great. In fact, he is so great that he makes it look like the Denver Broncos should have traded for him instead of Russell Wilson. And that’s a shame. Let me be more clear. It’s a shame for the Broncos and Denver fans that their favorite team didn’t trade for Geno because f they had they would have a better record this year than they do with (mostly) Russell Wilson.

Geno Smith has been fantastic and Seahawks should be thankful he is the starting QB

The raw statistics are extremely clear. Geno Smith’s QBR is 66.8 (4th in the league). Wilson’s is 35.2 (28th in the NFL). Geno has 11 touchdown passes versus 3 interceptions. He also has a rushing touchdown. So he has 12 total TDs. Wilson has 5 touchdown passes against 3 picks and has also run for a touchdown. Wilson has 6 total TDs.

Oh, also the Seahawks are 4-3 and the Broncos are 2-5. Thanks for the high draft pick in 2023, Denver! But I digress.

Maybe the issue in Denver is the coaching, you say? Funny how Geno Smith is running the same system that Wilson did in Seattle, albeit with more rookies, but the offense is much better with a quarterback like Geno who takes what he is given. Through 7 games in 2021, Seattle was averaging 21 points a game (yes, one without Wilson but they weren’t exactly great with him). In 2022, Seattle is averaging 26 points a game through 7 games with Geno.

dark. Next. Is this Seahawks rookie class the best ever?

Is this an article meant to make Wilson look bad? No. But we cannot discount that while Russell Wilson played in Seattle many of his teammates saw him as a bit “fake.”  Meanwhile, Geno Smith seems to be beloved by his teammates and they simply want to play hard for him. The reason Geno is playing well so far in 2022 is multifaceted. But what is extremely simple is that through 7 games, Geno Smith is a better quarterback than Russell Wilson this year.