Tracking the QBs the Seahawks should take in the 2023 NFL draft: Week 8

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Seahawks 2023 QB targets: Numbers 5 and 4

Number 5: Hendon Hooker

NFL Comp: A slightly less mobile Lamar Jackson

A week after the Tennessee Volunteers achieved the win of the season, they smartly scheduled a cupcake in Tennessee Martin and rolled. In a 65-24 thrashing, Heisman candidate Hendon Hooker shined in limited action. Hooker only saw the field in the first half, but excelled again, throwing for 276 yards and 3 touchdowns.

The Hooker hype train continues to roll on, with a fascinating home game this week against number 19 Kentucky. The following week? The possible game of the year as Tennessee will head to Athens, Georgia to try and knock off the defending champs. Everything is on the table for this fascinating prospect. A successful two-week stretch and Hooker will likely be sniffing the first round.

Number 4: Anthony Richardson

NFL Comp: A young Cam Newton

Our third quarterback to sit on a bye, Anthony RIchardson is about to play in the biggest game of his career. This week, we’ll see the most divisive of the QB prospects take on the Georgia Bulldogs and their NFL minor league defense.

There’s so much Cam Newton and even Patrick Mahomes level of wow plays in Richardson, and to see him take a far inferior Gators squad into Jacksonville will be fun to watch. Like we talked about with Jaden Hall earlier, I want to see Richardson keep his Gators in this game for 2-3 quarters. This is what a star quarterback needs to do, and we’re going to see that this week possibly.

A bad game and you’re going to see Hendon Hooker start pushing Richardson on the draft board.