Seahawks: 15 best defensive backs in franchise history

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Number 12: Seahawks cornerback Patrick Hunter, 1986-1994

It’s a bit crazy that between 1991 and 1994 the Seahawks didn’t have a winning record and actually lost 14 games in 1992. The secondary, with Hunter, Blackmon and Harper, was pretty good. But it’s also important to remember that even in 1992 the defense still only gave up the 10th-fewest yards in the league. Much of the reason for the quality was because of the secondary.

Patrick Hunter was a full-time starter from 1989 through 1993 for Seattle. He was consistently very good from 1990 through 1992. But even in 1993, Hunter had 4 interceptions and recovered 3 fumbles. In the other years opposing quarterbacks weren’t a huge fan of throwing in his direction so his overall numbers were diminished.

Sometimes with a cornerback, you cannot judge them by their raw statistics. If no one throws their way, with respect to the other side of the field, they are going to have fewer opportunities for picks and this is the case with Hunter. Heck, even though Hunter was limited to five games in 1994 due to injury, he had 3 interceptions.

Hunter was taken in the third round of the 1986 draft by the Seahawks. Hunter has the 12th-most picks all-time for Seattle with 12. He played in 120 games.