Grading Seahawks QB Geno Smith Zen-like Week 7 performance

Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports
Mandatory Credit: Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports /

Well, seven weeks into the season, the Seattle Seahawks find themselves atop the NFC West. I, for certain, didn’t foresee this. While there is still plenty of ball left, the Seahawks have shown improvement every single week.

In fact, I believe they played their best overall game in defeating the Chargers in Week 7. For the first time this season, the defense, offense and special teams all complimented each other. The growth and maturation of these young stars blossoming before our eyes is truly a sight to behold.

The one player who deserves the majority of the praise is our quarterback, Geno Smith. The man who still hasn’t written back to his haters. It is safe to assume, he won’t be writing back anytime soon. He continues to cash in on his second chance at being a starter in his league by remaining consistent week in and week out.

He does what is asked of him and has the ability to make the big splash play. His surprising play has me starting to believe that this Seahawks team might actually be able to make some noise this season. But, for now, let’s focus on another impressive outing from our quarterback and an imposing win from our Seattle Seahawks.

Evaluating Seattle Seahawks QB Geno Smith’s Week 7 start

Coming off a subpar performance against Arizona, Geno Smith once again delivered for this Seattle Seahawks team. Unlike last week, he was able to take advantage of really solid defensive play. The stat sheet shows an interception. When watching the game, it was a tight window, the ball did get deflected in the air and then, intercepted. Despite the fact that an interception is still an interception, this one came on a good decision from Geno rather than a bad one.

Speaking of tight windows, Geno threaded the needle on multiple occasions. The most glaring actually came on a drop by TE Noah Fant. This is the confidence that I’ve discussed this whole season with Geno. The belief instilled in him by this team combined with his own self-belief has Geno playing like the absolute best version of himself.

As this game progressed, you can see Geno’s confidence come to life. Going up against his former team, there was no love lost as Geno continually looked over to the Chargers sideline after completing passes. Granted, he was dropping dimes. But, this is the attitude of someone who knows how many different people have counted him out. He knows how many people counted out this Seahawks team after the Russell Wilson trade.

In spite of all the emotion, with the help of Pete Carroll, Geno Smith was able to find his inner zen and focus on finishing the ball game. With D.K. Metcalf going down due to injury, more pressure was applied on the shoulders of Geno Smith. His big target of a monster missed the entire second half. Yet, his belief in his wide receivers allowed this offense not to waver.

A 17-0 lead quickly evaporated as the Chargers scored two touchdowns to cut the lead to 3. No need to fear, Geno Smith is here. On a 3rd and 15, he threw an absolute strike to WR Marquise Goodwin, to push the lead back up to 10. Later in the game, over the Chargers number 1 cornerback, J.C. Jackson, Geno threw another missile to Goodwin, resulting in a touchdown.

If you haven’t been convinced yet, you better believe now that Geno belongs. The team has taken on the identity of us against the world. Led by none other than the man himself who has been forgotten about and even ridiculed over this last decade, Geno Smith. There is a long way to go in this regular season and as we have seen in years past, a good start doesn’t promise a good finish.

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The show goes on.

Grade: A-