Seahawks should target these three safeties before the trade deadline

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Kareem Jackson would be a good fit for the Seahawks
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Another Seahawks – Broncos deal could strike gold again

Before we go any further, let me share the PFF grades for our two stud corners, Tariq Wollen and Coby Bryant. Woolen grades out at 72.0, while Bryant sits at 57.0. If I may remind you, Woolen has 4 picks while Bryant has forced four fumbles. Yes, that’s eight of Seattle’s 15 total turnovers. Alright, on to the group that would look good in a Seahawks helmet.

Kareem Jackson is my third choice. It’s pretty obvious by now that the Broncos are in…oh, I’ll be kind and say they’re in disarray. The Hawks already scored what looks like the trade of the century when they shipped Russell Wilson to Denver. So why not hit them up for another fleecing – I mean, fair deal? Maybe we can get Jackson for a box of day-old donuts. I mean, number 3 does look more DangeRuss for the toxins he’s carrying at this point.

Jackson is 5’10” and 183 pounds, so yes, that seems pretty undersized for a strong safety. Again, Ryan Neal will be manning that spot for Seattle, so his size won’t be that much of an issue. Two more drawbacks for Jackson: he’ll be a free agent in 2023, and he’s 34 years old. So he doesn’t figure to be part of a youth movement for the Hawks.

The pluses are pretty strong, though. He’s started every game for the Broncos this year and has played in 183 of a possible 200 games in his career. As they say, one of the best abilities is availability. So far this year he’s allowed completions on just 50 percent of his targets, allowed a passer rating of 70.7, and has a PFF grade of 70.8. Oh, and his cap number for this year is just $2.0 million. What’s not to like?