3 observations from Seahawks receiver Tyler Lockett in Week 8

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Tyler Lockett is human on the field too

Tyler Lockett rarely drops passes. Before Week 8, he hadn’t been credited with a drop this season. So it’s all the more shocking when he not only drops a pass but drops one that was perfectly thrown toward the end zone and would have gone for a touchdown. It actually took me a second to realize Lockett had actually dropped it because he almost never does. But Lockett did miss the pass and the drive ended in a 51-yard Jason Myers field goal.

Also in the first half, with the Seahawks backed up on their own 2-yard line after a Giants punt, Geno Smith threw a short pass to Lockett who caught it, took five quick steps and then fumbled. The Giants took over and scored a touchdown two plays later. Lockett had basically taken a touchdown from his team on the dropped pass and also given the Giants a touchdown on his fumble.

But when Lockett went to the sidelines, did his teammates ignore him? Of course not. They came over to console Lockett. Pete Carroll even told him he was the best receiver he has seen and would get a touchdown later in the game.

Lockett has a history of being nearly perfect. But instead of blaming others when something goes wrong, he takes ownership of his mistakes. And in Week 8, he was able to make amends for his mistakes and ended up catching the pass that would put the Seahawks in the lead for good.