Notes from the Nest: Seahawks break the G-Men in Week 8

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Faith rewards the Seahawks offense

While the Seahawks defense manhandled the Giants offense, the battle between Seattle’s offense and New York’s defense was what would ultimately decide the game. Anytime your offense has to go up against the great defensive mind of Giants DC Wink Martindale, you know you’re in for it in terms of relentless and exotic blitz packages. Sunday was no different, as Geno Smith was forced to make multiple throws just a second earlier than he wanted.

Side Note from the Nest: To be clear, these throws by Geno Smith were all still right on the money. Most of his incompletions were exactly where they needed to be. You could tell the receivers just needed that extra half-second to be in a better position to haul it in. Smith’s accuracy has been so incredible this year, without question the best in the league and my mind still melts thinking about how awesome he’s been.

When Seattle finally got a sustained drive going late in the 1st quarter. Faced with two 4th downs and well within field goal range in a scoreless game, Pete Carroll went for it both times. I was shocked, that’s not the “Pete Ball” we’ve all become accustomed to seeing. Pete showed faith in offensive coordinator Shane Waldron, faith in his young offensive line, and faith in his quarterback. Faith rewarded Seattle with their best drive of the year considering the obstacles. A touchdown pass to DK Metcalf capped off a 15-play 6-minute drive that set the tone early in the 2nd quarter.

The Seahawks showed faith in trusting DK and Tyler Lockett to be healthy enough to play, and Seattle doesn’t win that game without them. Metcalf, who we were worried might miss multiple weeks, caught 6 passes for multiple 1st downs and the touchdown. He continues to be the guy Smith looks to when the Seahawks need to make a play.

Lockett, dealing with multiple injuries, had one of his worst games of his career, or at least the first 50 minutes of the game. A fumble on a catch near his own goal line gave the Giants their only touchdown of the day. Late in the 3rd quarter, Lockett dropped an easy deep ball touchdown. The two mishaps were getting to Lockett as he looked defeated on the bench.

The cameras caught both Pete Carroll and Geno Smith making their way over to Lockett, motivating him and lifting him up. This was not something we’ve seen in the past few years in Seattle. The faith in Lockett was rewarded, as Geno and Lockett hooked up on a beautiful 30+ yard touchdown in the 4th quarter to help win the game.