Trade deadline 2022: Seahawks make no moves but still end up winners

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Seahawks keep an eye on today

Any great leader is able to balance their vision of success by having one eye on today and another eye on tomorrow. Pete Carroll and John Schneider are demonstrating that right now.

This Seattle Seahawks team is rolling right now. With their first 3 game-winning streak since 2020, and a 1 game lead in the NFC West over the 49ers, the playoffs are a real possibility with their next five games against teams currently under .500. The vibes in the facility and team seem higher than anything we’ve seen in years. The love is starting to pour in nationally, and although the ride may not last all season, there’s been a clear rebirth in Seattle.

Could the Seahawks have brought in Robert Quinn or Roquan Smith to help the team? Absolutely, but with how well the team is playing and gelling together, why risk that and throw away a pick that could potentially be an Abe Lucas or Coby Bryant?

The Eagles and Vikings are at different stages of their windows than Seattle. The Eagles are in what looks to be the first of a 3-year window at trying to win a championship before multiple players age out or get too expensive. The Vikings appear to be all in on this year, as multiple players appear to be in their last ride.

Remember, the Seahawks were supposed to be a bottom 5 team this year. They just drafted 6 starters, with half of them looking like All-Pros in their positions. The team is fun now but hasn’t even come close to reaching its full potential. A trade may help the Seahawks marginally, but it is not going to be the difference between what Philadelphia and Minnesota went for.

The Seahawks have gotten shockingly exceptional play from Geno Smith. Smoke and mirrors or not, a team with young talent playing well, stud weapons and great quarterback play can screw around and find themselves in a conference championship or even Super Bowl. We’ve seen it in Tennessee the past few years, we saw it in the Super Bowl last year with Cincinnati. You never know in the NFL, but for now, just enjoying the ride is the right move.