Seahawks versus Cardinals Week 9: Staff predictions are nervous

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(Photo by Tom Hauck/Getty Images) /

The Seahawks took care of the Cardinals in Week 6 19-9. But now Arizona has receiver DeAndre Hopkins back. Will that make a difference in Week 9 when Seattle and Arizona meet for the second time?

It should also be noted that the last time the two teams met, Seattle’s defense was not good until that game. But maybe something clicked in Week 6 because Seattle’s young defense has been good since. When the Cardinals play Seattle in Week 9, however, it will mark the first time many of Seattle’s good young defensive players, like Tariq Woolen and Coby Bryant, will have faced the same team twice. What will they have learned from the previous game? Or what did Arizona learn about them?

The Seahawks surprisingly come into the game in first place in the NFC West at 5-3 and the Cardinals are in last place at 3-5. Hardly anyone could have guessed that prior to the season. But coach Pete Carroll has a way of molding young players quickly into good ones and that has seemed to happen with this Seattle team in 2022. Heck, Woolen was the NFC Defensive Rookie of the Month for October. Ken Walker was the NFC Offensive Rookie of the Month.

6-3 going into Week 10 almost seems too good to wish for, doesn’t it? But then 5-3 seemed ridiculous to hope for before the season began. Yet, unless things change dramatically in Week 9, the surging Seahawks defense will take another proverbial step forward. If Geno Smith and the offense can get to 28 points, Seattle should win. But what does our staff think?

Staff predictions for the Seahawks versus the Cardinals in Week 9

Todd Vandenberg: Seattle 33 Cardinals 19

Jake Luppino: Seattle 23 Cardinals 20

Andrew Bailie: Seahawks 23 Cardinals 20

Karley Sibert: Cardinals 27 Seattle 24

Matt Holm: Seattle 27 Cardinals 16

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Max Downard: Cardinals 24 Seattle 21

Lee Vowell: Seattle 32 Cardinals 28